Picture gallery electric boat Werbellinsee

Great view of the Werbellinsee and our harbor with jetty.

What you should know!

Due to the nature and bank protection, there are some restrictions on the Werbellinsee that must be observed. In order to counteract the destruction of the bank fortifications and the associated bank collapse, a shipping police ordinance was issued:

Lying in the area near the shore, 10 m from the shore or ship edge and on all floating bodies, vehicles and floating facilities is prohibited. The only exceptions to this are the approved jetties and footbridges. Furthermore, a speed of 6 km/h applies on the Werbellinsee outside of the emphasized federal waterway. In addition, there is a night driving ban.

season times

low season: 16.9. - 14.5.
peak season: 15.5. - 15.9.
Mo - So 9.00 - fast open End ;)

Basically we have open all year round, if the weather cooperates.

The rental of the boats is always weather dependent.
Snowfall, e.g. at Easter, excludes the rental of the boats.
If there are tropical nights, you are welcome to return the boat at 9 p.m.
Do you want the sunrise from the middle of the lake, the boats are also available much earlier.
Everything is possible; always individual - for you according to your wishes.


Werbellinsee Charter
Seerandstraße 17a
16247 Joachimsthal

At the solar boat hall.
Sufficient parking spaces available for customers.

T.: 0162 - 821 10 31

Already knew?

The waters of Werbellin were already being used around 1600 to feed the Fino Canal. However, they are only navigable from 1765, after the expansion of the Werbellin Canal. Around 1300 the princely family of the Ascania was already hunting here. Some 100 years later the NS sizes of the Third Reich and until 1989 the socialist Central Committee Hunting Collective of the GDR. Much of this magnificent landscape has been inaccessible to the public for over 60 years.

The Werbellinsee is a fish-rich lake with many fishing opportunities.
It is part of the Schorfheide Chorin biosphere reserve and is a holiday paradise for young and old.